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16 Dec 2011

QuickTips! : Alternative Pen Drive? Your Phone!

  Do you really fancy carrying those pen drives around? What happens if you lose them? Of course, data is lost. So the best way would be to use your phone! True or not? For me it is. Since most people are using smart phones - and smart phones are suppose to mimic PCs, just use your phones to carry your data around!

  Smart phones WERE meant to replace PC as the mobile version of it. It's just that not many people (that I
know) are really utilising this method. With this thought in mind, there shouldn't be any extra devices hanging around in your pockets. You don't have to think about those stack of pen drives that you keep buying because you're running out of space every time you use one up. And it's the best way to transfer documents from mobile device to it's destination (Bluetooth!). Plus, you can edit those files on the way with free apps or built-in office apps in your phone these days.

  It should be a notice however, that I intend this method only for files which only take up an adequate amount of space and not files with >50MB each! Documents like Word, PDF and Excel or MP3 songs rarely exceeds that kind of space.

  Doing projects should be a breeze when transferring files between colleagues, since you can do both by Bluetooth, by USB cable and also through the Internet on your phone. So use your phone!

//Think Simple.//

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Anonymous said...

iPhone can't bluetooth, sadly....

Byron St@rk said...

Yes, I agree with that. However I can see that Apple is working hard on it to solve that problem.

lucy benney said...

nice tip... Computer Repair Service

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