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6 Aug 2012

Windows Media Player 12 - 'Server Execution Failed'

  Windows Media Player is the most reliable player you can count on to play your songs and movies (except for some video files). But after installing or removing some programs, WMP failed to open when I clicked it. And when I tried to directly open a MP3 file, it would throw me a 'Server execution failed.' message window. So I went to search online for solutions.

29 Apr 2012

Earth To Skype, Hello??? Can't Hear Call In Skype?

  Recently I cannot hear my calls on Skype. Happened twice in different situations. My friend can't hear me in one call, and the other call was that I can't hear my friend. Luckily, I was able to fix both situations through the Skype settings itself and not reinstalling my drivers or any other ways. So here's what I did :

29 Dec 2011

Convert Powerpoint SlideShow to Normal PowerPoint (pps to ppt)

  You saved a PowerPoint file in SlideShow format, and now you want to edit it. How?? Well, I can tell you that NO CONVERTER IS NEEDED! You just have to rename the extension of the file. Why do that?

16 Dec 2011

QuickTips! : Alternative Pen Drive? Your Phone!

  Do you really fancy carrying those pen drives around? What happens if you lose them? Of course, data is lost. So the best way would be to use your phone! True or not? For me it is. Since most people are using smart phones - and smart phones are suppose to mimic PCs, just use your phones to carry your data around!

5 Dec 2011

Presents For Thoughts

  Christmas is coming! 'Tis the season for giving and receiving! Men and women and children alike will be pondering on the presents they will receive this year. As we all know, both the opposite sex have different tastes for different stuffs. Men will want cool gadgets, women will thirst for gorgeous accessories, most of all, children will want awesome toys!

  It's best when you really know what gift to give to that special someone in your heart. And though this blog

4 Dec 2011

Fancy A Lift To Space?

  Can you believe the world's first space port is here already? Yes! Years ago people dreamt of having to go to space without needing the special skills or purpose of conducting research in space. They just want to have their holiday up above with the stars!

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